How does GemCap treat data collected from your visit on their sites?

Our business is Fund Hosting. This is a confidential matter and GemCap recognises your expectations regarding privacy. GemCap is committed to keeping information confidential and secure. No matter of your status or role, you are protected, not only by the applicable privacy laws, but, more importantly, GemCap’s commitment to safeguard your privacy.


You can surf on GemCap’s web-site anonymously. If we want to collect, process and use personal data from your visit on these sites we will disclose this to you.


If we want to collect information about you, you decide which personal data we receive and how we use it. We will only collect personal data for the purposes you approve of and only to the extent necessary for that purpose.  GemCap will not disclose any personal data to external third parties.

Data Security

GemCap strives to keep the level of security state-of-the-art at all times.


The laws of the relevant Country will provide measures to enforce your privacy rights. In addition, compliance with these policies is ensured by the local Compliance Officer.